UGAMail is the University of Georgia's email system, powered by Microsoft's Office 365.

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The University of Georgia's email system, UGAMail, is powered by Microsoft's Office 365 Education for email, calendar and task services.

Finding UGAMail addresses in Global Address List

This article covers issues with finding UGAMail addresses in the Global Address List.

How to Change your Email Alias

This article discusses the process of changing your email alias in UGAMail.

How to export your UGA email and contacts

The article gives links to Microsoft's documentation on how to export and backup your UGA email and contacts.

How to Forward Emails from your UGAMail Account

This article details how to forward emails using UGAMail built-in forwarding and using Inbox Rules.

How to Set Up an Inbox Rule for UGAMail

This article covers ways to use inbox rules to organize your UGAMail, and how to set up a basic inbox rule.

How to Update the Membership of Security and Distribution Groups in UGAMail

Following these instructions will guide you on how to add or remove members or owners of your security and distribution groups.

UGAMail Set-up Guides

This article covers which applications, mobile apps and web browsers can be used to access UGAMail.

Using Categories in UGAMail

This article discusses how to setup Categories for your email in Outlook.