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Copilot with Commercial Data Protection is Microsoft's AI-powered tool that leverages generative AI and large language models to provide real-time assistance and enhance productivity.
Instructions for downloading the Cisco VPN client and logging into the Remote Access VPN.
This article contains frequently asked questions about OneDrive for Business.
Instructions for accessing the Remote Access VPN on a mobile device.
Eduroam is a secure wireless network available to any student, faculty and staff at participating eduroam institutions in the U.S. and abroad.
This article gives instructions and troubleshooting steps for connecting an Android phone or tablet UGA's wireless networks.
ArchPass, powered by Duo, is UGA's two-step login solution used to authenticate logins to many UGA online services.
PAWS-Secure is the preferred wireless network for faculty, staff and students at UGA.
Teams is Microsoft’s messaging app.
Microsoft 365 Groups allow you to set up a collection of resources to share, including a shared mailbox and calendar, a SharePoint site with a OneNote notebook, and a Microsoft Planner among others.
This article gives instructions for accessing vLab using Microsoft Remote Desktop on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.
This article gives instructions for uploading and downloading files to vLab from your personal computer.
Frequently asked questions about vLab.
vLab, or Virtual Lab, is The University of Georgia's virtual desktop environment (VDI), which allows students, faculty, and staff to access computer lab resources and applications from work and personal devices anywhere, at any time.
Instructions for how to access vLab via a web browser or a thin client.