How to Set Up an Inbox Rule for UGAMail

Inbox rules are used to automatically organize your inbox or to keep you up to date regarding certain important messages.

For example, you can set up a rule to automatically separate and forward emails from your colleagues, boss, clients, and vendors into separate email folders; flag or forward emails for follow-up; or play a special sound when you receive a certain email. 

Custom rules can be created based on a condition, to apply a specific action or even create exception for a rule. A few examples of Outlook inbox rules include: 

  • Rules for forwarding email to another account or to another user
  • Rules to flag specific emails
  • Rules to categorize emails
  • Rules that will change the importance level of messages as they come in
  • Rules that automatically move mail to other folders based on a certain criterion
  • Rules that delete emails from specific senders or domains.
  • Rules that play a sound when you receive a certain email.
  • Rules to send alerts to your mobile devices for specific actions

How to set up an inbox rule

Log into UGAMail on the web at

Click on Settings (gear icon) in the upper-right corner.

Select Mail from the Settings list of applications, the select Rules in the second column. Click the + Add new rule to add a new Rule.

Screenshot of accessing and adding new rule in UGAMail

A blank Rule opens.

Create a Name for your Rule. Under Add a Condition, select a condition. You can add multiple conditions.

Creating a rule screenshot -- name and condition

Under Add an Action, select an action. You can add multiple actions. Click Save to save the rule. 

Create a rule -- add an action screenshot

Create a rule - Save screenshot

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