SendFiles is UGA's encrypted file service to securely share sensitive information and documents.

Who can access SendFiles?

UGA students, faculty, and staff can establish permanent accounts with their MyID. Guests can have a temporary account in Sendfiles to access information sent to them by a UGA student or employee.

How do I access SendFiles?

SendFiles is available at

Screenshot of SendFiles login user interface.

MyID login for Students, Faculty and Staff

A permanent MyID Sendfiles account will be created the first time you log in. You can log in with SSO by selecting the “Click here for UGA SSO login’ button. Enter your MyID and password and click “Login”. Complete the ArchPass two-factor authentication.

Alternatively, you can use the login form on the SendFiles home page by entering your MyID and password. You will receive an automatic push or phone call via ArchPass, powered by Duo, based on the device type of your primary enrolled device. You will not have the option to select your method of authentication.

If you want to use a passcode or use your back-up device, you can add a comma (",") to the end of your password, followed by a Duo passcode (“123456”) or a Duo option (“push”, “phone”, or “sms”).  You can also specify a device number if you have multiple devices enrolled (“phone2” or “phone3”).

MyID users can also use SFTP client to access their SendFiles Home folder by using the following settings in their SFTP client.

Username: Your MyID
Password: Your MyID Password
Protocol: SFTP
Port: 22

Non-MyID login for Guests

Temporary guest accounts can only be created by users with a UGA MyID. When UGA MyID user sends information via SendFiles to non-MyID user's email, a temporary guest account is created under that email address.

An email will be sent to the guest user with a link to access SendFiles and set up a password. 

Guest accounts will expire 7 days after their last activity and are deleted 7 days after expiration.

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