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Instructions on how to use ArchPass, powered by Duo while traveling
How to log in using the different authentication methods of ArchPass, powered by Duo
A quick guide for setting up and using Teams Phone.
Banner Administrative Pages is the administrative system behind UGA's student information system.
Instructions for adding or updating your Google Workspace Profile Photo.
This article details how to move storage from a Departmental OneDrive to Microsoft Teams Storage.
Microsoft 365 Groups allow you to set up a collection of resources to share, including a shared mailbox and calendar, a SharePoint site with a OneNote notebook, and a Microsoft Planner among others.
Frequently Asked Questions about Teams Phone
Following these instructions will guide you on how to add or remove members or owners of your security and distribution groups.
How to log into a Chromebook with your Google Workspace at UGA account. This article also covers what happens to your Chromebook after you leave UGA, and how to access the VPN on your Chromebook.
This article details how to set up and manage your mailing list.
Listserv is an email management system designed to send messages to groups of people via email. At UGA, we use LISTSERV provided by L-soft to manage our email lists.
A list of common features available with Teams Phone.
A step-by-step guide for how a list owner can receive a copy of their post on Listserv.
Teams is Microsoft’s messaging app that offers collaboration, communication, meetings, and file and application sharing.