UGAMail Set-up Guides

The following desktop email clients, mobile apps, and web browsers can be used to access your UGAMail.

Desktop Email clients

  • Outlook for Windows (latest version)
  • Outlook for MacOS
  • Mac Mail (latest version)

Here's how to find out which version of Outlook you have installed.

Mobile Apps

  • Outlook for iOS (latest version)
  • Outlook for Android (latest version)
  • iPhone or iPad Mail app on iOS 11 or above (latest version)
  • UGAMail portal in UGA Mobile App
  • Safari app (latest version)
  • Google Android browser (latest version)

Desktop web browsers

  • Microsoft Edge (latest version)
  • Google Chrome for Mac, Windows, and Linux (latest version)
  • Opera (latest version)
  • Mozilla Firefox for Mac, Windows, and Linux (latest version)
  • Safari for Mac (latest version)

If you do not have one of the above clients, apps, or browsers, you will need to update. 

Configuring Outlook on a desktop for UGAMail

How to: Outlook for MacOS

How to: Outlook for Windows

Configuring Mobile Devices for UGAMail

Apple iOS 

Is my device supported?

How to: Set up email in Outlook for iOS

How to: Set up email using the iOS Mail app 

How to: Remove email account from iOS device

Android OS

Is my device supported?

How to: Set up email in the Outlook for Android

How to: Set up email in Android email app 

UGA Mobile App

You can also access your UGAMail through the UGA Mobile app. Open the app, tap on the UGAMail icon, and enter your UGAMail credentials. 

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