How do I Access vLab?

You can access vLab three ways:

  • Via a web browser at
  • With Microsoft Remote Desktop (Windows, Mac, Android, iPad or iPhone)
  • On select thin client labs on campus, such as the Miller Learning Center and Main Library

These instructions will cover accessing vLab on a web browser or thin client. For instructions on using Microsoft Remote Desktop to access vLab, click here.

Access via a Web Browser

Visit You will see a Microsoft log-in page. Log in with your and your MyID password. You will also be prompted to verify your ID with ArchPass, powered by Duo.   

vlab Microsoft log in page

Once you are logged in, click the vLab icon. If you do not see an icon for vLab, click the arrow next to Desktops. 

Screenshot of vLab homepage

Select whether you wish to allow vLab to access the the clipboard on your local computer or to have the ability to transfer files between your local computer and your vLab session.  Note: The Printer function used to access your local computer’s installed printers is not available in the web client.

Click Allow. You are now logged into vLab.

Access vLab via a Thin Client Computer in Lab

If you are accessing vLab via a thin client computer in the MLC or Main Library, vLab will load when you log in to the thin client with your MyID and password and verify your ID with ArchPass, powered by Duo.

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