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Email and Collaboration

How-to articles and assistance with UGAMail, Office 365, Google Workspace, Zoom and more collaborative tools.

Academics and Instruction

How-to articles and assistance with Athena/Banner, eLearning Commons and vLab.

Information Security

How-to articles and assistance with ArchPass, powered by Duo, the Remote Access VPN and more.

MyID Accounts

How-to articles and assistance with MyIDs and passwords and the MyID profile forgotten password service.

Web Applications

How-to articles and assistance with Qualtrics, WEPA print kiosks and other web applications.

Internet Connections

How-to articles and assistance with UGA's wireless and wired networks, including PAWS-Secure and eduroam.

Campus IT

Documentation for services used primarily by departmental IT professionals at UGA.

Telephone Support

All UGA AT&T Telephone and Microsoft Teams Phone support services.

Direct Link Forms

This category contains service entries that are not shown in the Service Catalog structure (even if the user is logged in), but can be accessed via a direct link to them if the user has permission. The user will still be prompted for login to use the form.

EITS Cost Recovery

Request EITS shared services available to the UGA colleges, schools, departments, and administrative units on a cost recovery basis.

In addition to the provisioning and support of core administrative, educational and infrastructure services,
EITS provides multiple service offerings tailored to the unique needs of UGA academic and administrative units.
These services are provided on a cost recovery basis, with significant cost savings realized by centralized administration of platforms and applications.
For more details on these services, please visit

Services (1)

EITS Help Desk Support Request

Help Desk technical support request form. Please provide information for technical assistance at the University of Georgia.