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This article describes the UGA Single Sign-On Service and aspects of the CAS/SSO integration in IDM.
ArchPass, powered by Duo, is UGA's two-step login solution used to authenticate logins to many UGA online services.
FAQ about the annual Departmental MyID account verification process
If you are the primary owner of a departmental MyID, you must verify your ownership of the account annually. This article gives step-by-step instructions for verifying your account.
How to log in using the different authentication methods of ArchPass, powered by Duo
A MyID is a set of account credentials (username and password) used for accessing many UGA services.
Frequently asked questions about MyIDs.
Instructions on how to use ArchPass, powered by Duo while traveling
Instructions for how to reactivate the Duo Mobile App for a new phone, if you've kept the same phone number.
Instructions for enrolling smartphones, cell phones, landlines and tablets in ArchPass, powered by Duo, through the self-service portal.
Instructions for changing your device options using the Duo Self-Service Portal, including adding, removing, and enrolling devices.
This article covers issues with finding UGAMail addresses in the Global Address List.
If you are unable to remember the answers to the security questions in your MyID profile, here are instructions for how to update them. EITS recommends reviewing your security questions every six months.
If you forget your password and have previously filled out your MyID Profile, you may reset your password yourself via the MyID website.
The article contains information about how to request a MyID for a student, faculty, staff member, affiliate and department.