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Frequently Asked Questions about eLearning Commons (eLC).
eLearning Commons, or eLC, is UGA's learning management system, jointly managed by the Center for Teaching and Learning and EITS.
This article provides information for changing the sharing permissions for the calendar in Outlook for Windows, MacOS and Outlook on the web.
This article discusses the several ways to use the UGAMail calendar across different calendar applications.
This article discusses using Microsoft Groups and the components available within the group.
Rooms, equipment and vehicles can be reserved with resource calendars. Here's how to request one.
FAQs about UGAMail calendar.
This article discusses the various methods to add the UGA Holiday calendar to your Outlook calendar.
This article discusses requesting a Microsoft Team and the required information for its creation.
UGAMail Calendar is the scheduling component of a suite of web-based tools hosted by Microsoft Office 365.
Information on delegating access to an UGAMail calendar.
This article offers links to documentation on setting up meetings in Microsoft Teams
This article offers links with more information about how to effectively use Microsoft Teams.
This article details how to move storage from a Departmental OneDrive to Microsoft Teams Storage.
This article details how to set up and manage your mailing list.