How to Update the Membership of Security and Distribution Groups in UGAMail

Owners of UGAMail Distribution Groups can modify the group’s ownership and membership, as well as group settings, using the Outlook Web App in their browser.

Log into your UGAMail account in your browser at

Click on Settings (the gear icon).

When the Options window opens, select General, then select Distribution groups.

In "To manage distribution groups, visit this portal," select this portal.

 A new window will open. Choose Groups I own. Select the group you wish to modify the ownership or membership.

When the Settings window for the selected distribution group opens, select View all and manage owners to add/remove distribution group owners.

 Or select View all and add members to add/remove distribution group members.


To remove current owners or members, click the – icon.

To add new owners or members, click the + icon.

Clicking the + icon will open a search window for the UGAMail directory from which new group owners/members may be selected.

Type the name or email address of the person you wish to add into the search box.

Click the Add button at the bottom left of the window of the selected user to add them to the ownership or membership of the distribution group. 

Once you press the add button for either the adding owners or members, it will save the changes and automatically update the list after 5 minutes. 

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