Travel and Employee Expenses

Description: A course on creating and submitting travel-related documents for UGA employees, including travel authorities and expense reports. Also covers non-travel related expenses for employees.

Format: Interactive Webinar, Recorded, Self-Service in the OneSource Training Library


Course Materials

Travel and Employee Expenses Presentation


Course Recording

Travel and Employee Expenses Video - updated March 2020


Course Resources

Quick Start for Travel

Travel-Related Expense Types Quick Reference

Non-Travel Expense Reports Quick Start

Non-Travel Expense Types Quick Reference

Travel Reimbursement Step Infographic

New Georgia Meal Per Diem Flyer

  1. Signing In and Out
  2. Signing In and Out via Mobile
  3. Managing User Defaults
  4. Delegating Travel and Expense Responsibilities
  5. Creating an Expense Report
  6. Creating an Expense Report as a Delegated User
  7. Creating a Travel Authorization
  8. Creating a Non-Travel Expense Report
  9. Applying a My Wallet Transaction to an Expense Report
  10. Linking a Travel Authorization to an Expense Report
  11. Exploring Expense Types: Out-of-State Per Diem
  12. Exploring Expense Types: International Per Diem
  13. Exploring Expense Types: Group Meals Travel
  14. Exploring Expense Types: Lodging
  15. Exploring Expense Types: Mileage
  16. Exploring Expense Types: Air Travel
  17. Exploring Expense Types: Ground Transportation
  18. Exploring Expense Types: Car Rental
  19. Submitting an Expense Report Prepared by a Delegate
  20. Copying an Existing Expense Report to Create a New Expense Report
  21. Copying Expense Lines in an Expense Report
  22. Exploring Expense Types: Supplies and Other
  23. Editing and Resubmitting a Sent Back Expense Report
  24. Reviewing the Status of an Expense Report


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