Managing User Defaults


When creating a new expense report, the system will provide you with a blank form. If you are a frequent traveler, you may wish to update your user defaults to help save yourself some time. By editing your user defaults, you tell the system what to auto-populate in some of the repeated fields.

For example, if you are frequently traveling in-state for meetings, you can tell the system to create an expense report that specifies "In-State Travel" for the Business Purpose.

This article will walk you through the steps on how to change your User Defaults within the UGA Financial Management System.

1. Step 1

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First, log into the UGA Financial Management System.

Click the TE Profile & Delegation tile.

2. Step 2

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The Authorize Users page is displayed.

Within the side menu, click the Review/Edit Profile menu option.

3. Step 3

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The Employee Data page is displayed. Please note that the employee data comes from the HR system and cannot be changed in Finance.

4. Step 4

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To start the updating process, click the User Defaults tab.

5. Step 5

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The User Defaults page is displayed. From this page, you can change your defaults for how you report expenses.

6. Step 6

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You will start off by selecting the Billing and Payment Types. These fields must be set before creating any Expense Reports or

Travel Authorizations. If not done correctly, errors will occur.

7. Step 7

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The Billing Type should be populated with Default Value. If it is not this, be sure to select Default Value from the drop-down list.

8. Step 8

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In the Payment Type field, enter "EMP" if it is not already populated.

9. Step 9

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Enter the appropriate location code into the Originating Location field.

Example shown here: "HEADQ".

10. Step 10

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Click the Business Purpose drop-down box.

11. Step 11

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The drop-down box options are displayed.

Click the appropriate Business Purpose.

Example shown here: In-State Travel.

12. Step 12

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To save the changes to User Defaults, click the Save button.

13. Step 13

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Your User Defaults are saved within the UGA Financial Management System.


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