How to reconnect the Duo Mobile App on a new phone

If you have gotten a new phone and the phone number is the same, you can reconnect the Duo Mobile app to your account through any UGA SSO login.

You will first enter your UGA MyID and password on the SSO page and click Login. Then you will see the Duo authentication screen. Select Other Options.

A screenshot of the automatic Duo push login with "Other options" circled.

At the end of the authentication options list is an option for Manage devices. Click this option.

Screenshot of list of authentication method options for Duo with Manage devices circled.

You will be asked to verify your identity. Use the option for Phone Call or Text message passcode.

Screenshot of list of authentication method options for Duo verification.

You will then get a list of current devices on your account. Select I have a new phone link for the entry for your phone number.

Screenshot of device list with "I have a new phone" link circled.

A box for the new phone setup will appear. Select Get started.

Screenshot of Duo setup for new phone with the same number with a "Get started" button.

You will be asked to confirm you have ownership of the phone number. Select Send me a passcode for a text message code or select Or call my phone for a phone call verification.

Screenshot of Duo new phone setup with phone number listed and option to send a passcode or a call made to the phone.

Enter the passcode received by text into the text box and click Verify.

A screenshot of the text message verification code.

Screenshot of Duo passcode sent with text box for a code and "Verify" button.

You will then be instructed to download and install the Duo Mobile app. Follow the installation directions for your device. Once you have successfully installed the Duo Mobile app on your device, you will then hit the Next button.

A screenshot of the Duo setup "Download Duo Mobile" screen with instructions to download duo mobile as well as a "Next" button to continue.

You will then move on to the activation page where you will be instructed to open the Duo Mobile App on your phone.

In the app, click Continue on the Welcome screen.

Screenshot of Duo Mobile app welcome screen.

Then click Use a QR code.

Screenshot of Duo Mobile app add account screen with QR code or activation code buttons.

The camera will open, allow camera permission if needed, and then scan the QR barcode.

A screenshot of the Duo setup with a QR code and an alternative option of  "Get activation link instead".

After scanning the code in the app, click Save.

 Screenshot of Duo Mobile app to name the added UGA account after activation and save. Screenshot of Duo Mobile app with completed activation and saving of UGA account.

You also have the option to receive an activation link via email instead. Follow the instructions in the email if you choose this option.

A screenshot of the Duo setup with a QR code for setting up the Duo mobile app. There is a link for "Get an activation link instead" which is circled.

If you chose to activate the Duo Mobile app using your email, you will be asked for your email. Type your email and then click Send Email.

A screenshot of the Duo setup app activation with a box for typing in email and "Send Email" button.

Go to the inbox of the email you entered on the device you installed Duo Mobile on. You should see an email titled Duo Mobile Activation. Open the email and click the link. If it asks if you want to open Duo Mobile, hit open or allow.

A screenshot of the Duo activation email in Outlook. The email contains directions and a Duo activation link for activating Duo mobile.

After activating the app, it will take you to a screen that says Added Duo Mobile. Then click Continue.

A screenshot of the Duo setup showing you have successfully activated Duo Mobile and completed adding a smartphone to your account.

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