Departmental MyID Annual Verification: How To Verify your Departmental MyID

If you are the primary owner of a departmental MyID, you must verify your ownership of the account annually. 

At the start of the verification process, you will get an email asking you to verify your Departmental MyID account. The email will come from EITS Access Services at


In the email, click the link, Click here to start the verification process. You will be prompted to log in via UGA SSO. Note: You must sign in using your personal MyID and not the Departmental MyID. 

Verification choices

A new screen will display your verification choices. There are five options to select from:

  • I own this account and it is still in use. Please keep. Choose this option to keep primary ownership of your Departmental MyID.
  • I own this account, but it is not longer in use. Please delete. Choose this option to have your Departmental MyID disabled and deleted. 
  • I own this account, but the information needs to be updated. Please modify. Choose this option if you wish to keep primary ownership of the account, but the other account information needs to be updated. 
  • I do not own this account. (Please give new full name and email of person in comments on next page). Choose this option if you are not longer the primary owner of the account. 
  • I do not understand what is being requested of me. Please help. Choose this option if you do not know what to do and require assistance. 

NOTE: To complete the verification process, you must select a choice. Email replies and ticket comments will not be accepted as a response.

Select the most appropriate response for your needs.

A comment box will display. Provide comments, if necessary, and click Save. Your comments will be sent to EITS Access Services for review. Please ensure pop-ups are not blocked.

Step updated screenshot

The page will refresh with Step Updated. Your status will show a blue check mark along with your comment in the feed. Your Departmental MyID verification is complete. EITS Access Services will contact you via email if any other correspondence is required.


  • In the ticket, I clicked Verify ownership of your Departmental MyID by...": Clicking this link at the top of the ticket will display the ticket details. Most of this information is for internal TeamDynamix use only, and can be ignored. To return to the verification choices, scroll to Current Workflow Steps and click Verify Ownership of your Departmental MyID account.
  • I got a reminder email about verifying my account. You may receive a reminder email if you do not verify your Departmental MyID in a timely manner. Click the link in the email, Click here to start the verification process, then follow the steps above to complete verification. 
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