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eLC, Kaltura, GACRC support, OIR support, Research IFS and SAGE support.

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GACRC Service Catalog

Georgia Advanced Computing Resource Center (GACRC) service catalog.

If you would like to reach out to GACRC and do not have a UGA MyID, please send an email to, and we will respond promptly.

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eLC Associate Section Instructor Request

eLearning Commons Associate Section Instructor Request Form

eLC Course Groups Request

eLearning Commons Manual Course Groups Request

eLC Course Request

Request creation of a non-ATHENA course (for faculty and staff members of the UGA community)

eLC Demo Student Account Request

eLearning Commons Demo Student Account Request

eLC Support Requests

eLearning Commons requests

IFS, Secure IFS, and Research IFS Cost Recovery Request

Institutional File Storage (IFS) Services

Kaltura Requests

Kaltura Support Request

OIR Data Delivery

Office of Institutional Research Data Delivery request

OIR Data Warehouse Requests

Office of Institutional Research Data Warehouse requests

OIR Support

Office of Institutional Research support

SAGE Support

Student Advising and Guidance Expert (SAGE) Support