Reserve a Terry College Conference Room

Conference Room Equipment:

All conference rooms have the following equipment and capabilities.

  • Dedicated Windows Computer
  • Phone
  • HDMI Laptop connections
  • Projector or Display
  • Audio, Video, and Web conferencing

To Reserve a Terry College Conference Room

  1. Create a new meeting in your UGA Office365 or Outlook calendar
  2. Add or Invite the resource calendar to your new meeting using the name of the room.
  3. You should receive a Pending notification of your request.
  4. Once your request is approved by a calendar administrator, you will be notified that your event request has been approved. 


To view room availability in Office365 or Outlook:

Are you using Office365 in a web browser?

More detailed instructions are located here.


Are you using Outlook for Windows Computers?

  1. Open your calendar in Microsoft Office365 or Outlook.
  2. Choose Open Calendar > From Room List.
  3. In the Address Book drop-down, choose All Rooms.
  4. Scroll to "Terry", and choose the room you are interested in. (All of our resources are named: Terry Building Room—e.g., Terry Caldwell 101, Terry Correll 442, etc..)
  5. Click OK. The room will show in your calendar list.


Room Names and Seating Capacity:

  • Terry Correll 318C Boltwood Conference Room (Seating Capacity 10) - MBA Suite
  • Terry Correll 402 Glover Boardroom (Seating Capacity 20 at the table; 10 by the wall)
  • Terry Correll 418 Knapp Conference Room (Seating Capacity 8) - Development & Alumni Relations Suite
  • Terry Correll 421 McMullan Dean's Conference Room (Seating Capacity 12)
  • Terry Correll 442 DeVore Conference Room (Seating Capacity 16)
  • Terry BLC2 C400 Scott & Janie Ferguson Seminar Room (Seating Capacity 22)
  • Terry BLC2 A400 Sally Boyd Conference Room (Seating Capacity 22)





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