eLC Demo Student Account Request

If you are an instructor or teaching assistant in a UGA eLearning Commons course, you can request an eLC Demo Student account.

Once created, your eLC Demo Student account can be added to any of your eLC courses as the "Student" role. You can then log in to eLC with your eLC Demo Student username and password which will allow you to test your course content and tools from the student's perspective.

For additional information about eLC Demo Student Accounts: http://www.ctl.uga.edu/elc/demostudent

What is required to request a UGA eLC Demo Student Account:

  1. You need to be identified an Instructor or Teaching Assistant in a current course in eLC.
  2. Please provide the course Title and Section Call Number (if available) of at least one course in which you are Instructor or Teaching Assistant.
  3. The account will be created after verification.

Note: You only need one Demo Student account. You can add that DEMO Student account to any of your eLC courses.





Request Demo Account


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Mon 8/3/15 11:50 AM
Tue 7/7/20 2:40 PM