Service Catalog

Categories (10)

MyID, Accounts & ID Management

Managing access & passwords for MyID, Banner, Restricted VPN, Argos, Data Cookbook, IDM and other UGA systems.

Email & Collaboration

UGAMail, Listserv, Calendar, and Google Workspace.

Academics, Learning & Research

eLC, Kaltura, GACRC support, OIR support, Research IFS and SAGE support.

Information Security

Firewall Exceptions, SSO Integration Request, InCommon SSL Certificates and more.

Tech Help

General EITS Help Desk Requests, Computer Labs, CTS Support and more.

Telephone Services and Cable TV

Telephone services and cable TV requests

Wireless, Network & Internet Access

Wireless, Cabling and DNL requests


Service offerings, request and assistance with TeamDynamix

UGA Unit Specific Services

Request categories for colleges, departments, and units within UGA.

EITS Cost Recovery

Request EITS shared services available to the UGA colleges, schools, departments, and administrative units on a cost recovery basis.

In addition to the provisioning and support of core administrative, educational and infrastructure services,
EITS provides multiple service offerings tailored to the unique needs of UGA academic and administrative units.
These services are provided on a cost recovery basis, with significant cost savings realized by centralized administration of platforms and applications.
For more details on these services, please visit .