Orkin Hall Video Interview Room Request

Terry has an interview video rooms available for approved students, faculty and staff to reserve. These rooms are primarily to serve Terry College faculty, staff and students. These rooms are designed to support video-related activities needed for events like remote interviews and recorded presentations. 

Orkin Hall Interview Rooms D210, D212, D214, D216, D220, D224, D226, D228, D230 are equipped with a monitor, PC, and webcam. 

Things to note when getting set up in the room:

1. Users must turn the TV on with the remote, press "Source", and select "HDMI2/DVI PC" to use the local computer and camera, or select "HDMI1" to connect their personal laptop.

2. The buttons on the control bar control the volume, activate/deactivate mic and camera, and use bluetooth. Users must check that the mic and camera buttons are green (activated). If they are red, they're deactivated and will not receive sound/visuals from the room.

3. The camera is permanently positioned and cannot be manually moved by users.

4. Instructions for recording via Kaltura Classroom is provided under the Files column on the right side of this page.

IT assistance can be provided by Terry OIT during the hours of 8am-5pm. 

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