My Recently Visited Services

Preventative Measures Advisory Board Request

For those in need of non-emergency Audio Visual help

This service is ONLY for requests concerning the TeamDynamix product itself. This includes requests for user updates, forms, or other TeamDynamix-specific help.

Help Desk technical support request form. Please provide information for technical assistance at the University of Georgia.

Utilize this form to notify Franklin OIT of changes in status for Franklin College faculty, staff, and other employees.

Request support related to training provided by the GACRC.

Human Resources IT support

To request Combo Codes in the OneUSG Connect System

MyID Request for Faculty, Staff, and others

Request to Borrow Technology from the Miller Learning Center

To request Expense Report Adjustments in the UGA Financial Management System.

Background Status, Hiring Proposal Status, Position Status, Posting Status, Personnel Status, Request for Salary Action Status

Network Support form for residents in Campus housing units.

This form will be used by units or delegated individuals acting on behalf of Dean, VP, or Unit Head to communicate workforce scheduling plans to University Human Resources.

Terry College of Business Office of Special Events is here to ensure that your department plans successful events and programs that seek to educate, foster a sense of community and build relationships.

eLearning Commons Associate Section Instructor Request Form

Windows Team requests for services not already listed

Report a UGA telephone incident or repair request to the Telephone Services team.

Account Creation or Password Reset

Comments and suggestions for eLearning Commons (eLC).