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Google Workspace Help Request

Google Workspace offers eligible students, faculty and staff access to several popular Google collaborative tools within the domain.

UGAMail Calendar

UGAMail's built-in calendar allows UGA students, faculty and staff to take full advantage of the new system's increased functionality and accessibility. This form is to request help with the UGAMail calendar.

UGAMail Calendar Resource Request

UGAMail's calendar allows resources like rooms to entered as items that can be reserved. Use this form to request creation of a new calendar resource.

UGAMail Microsoft Teams Request

Use this form to request the creation of a Microsoft Team.

UGAMail Requests

The University of Georgia's email system, UGAMail, is powered by Microsoft's Office 365 Education for email, calendar and task services.

UGAMail uses the latest version of Office 365.