Eduroam Wireless Network

Eduroam is a secure wireless network available to any student, faculty and staff at participating eduroam institutions in the U.S. and abroad.  Eduroam allows students, faculty and staff of participating eduroam schools to get wireless access across institutions using their school's credentials.

The University of Georgia is an eduroam participant. Eduroam provides a list of all current U.S. participants and international participants. Eduroam is also available at the UGA Gwinnett, Griffin and Health Sciences campuses. 

Who can access the eduroam wireless network?

At UGA, eduroam is available to any UGA student, faculty or staff member with a MyID. Additionally, any student or employee from another participating eduroam institution may use their school's credentials to access the eduroam wireless network at UGA. 

How do I access the eduroam wireless network? 

If you are a UGA student, faculty or staff member, enter your as your username and your MyID password as your password. If you are visiting from another eduroam institution, enter the credentials for your home institution.

For complete instructions on connecting your device, visit one of our Internet connection guides. 


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