How to Connect iOS Devices to Wireless Networks

Note: PAWS-Secure or eduroam wireless networks are only available to UGA students, faculty, staff and others with a valid MyID. If you do not have a MyID and password, please follow the instructions for connecting to the UGA_Visitors_Wifi. 

Go to Settings on your device.

Screenshot of iPhone homescreen with Settings circled

Select Wi-Fi.

Screenshot of iPhone settings with Wifi circled

Choose the network you wish to connect to: PAWS-Secure or eduroam. 

Screenshot of iPhone screen with PAWS-Secure and Eduroam networks circled

A new window will appear asking you to enter your username and password. The credentials you will enter will depends on the network you choose. 

  • PAWS-Secure: In the username field, enter your MyID. In the password field, enter your MyID password.
  • eduroam: In the username field enter your MyID with "" behind it. (Ex: In the password field, enter your MyID password. 

A security certificate may pop up, asking you to trust it. Choose Trust

Screenshot of iPhone with Trust browser screen

You should now be connected to a UGA wireless network. 

Troubleshooting: Forget Network

If you are having issues connecting to PAWS-Secure or eduroam, try forgetting the connection and re-entering your credentials. 

To forget the connection, open the Settings on your device and select Wi-Fi.

Tap the i next to the name of the wireless network and then tap Forget This Network.

Screenshot of iPhone with wifi i button circled

Screenshot of wifi on iPhone with Forget this network

Return to the WiFi settings on your device, and follow the steps for connecting. 

Troubleshooting: Manual Configuration

Open Settings on your device,and select WiFi. Select Other...

Screenshot of iPhone wifi screen with Other... circled

Enter the following network information:

  • Name: PAWS-Secure or eduroam (depending on the network you are trying to connect to)
  • Security: WPA2 Enterprise
  • Username: For PAWS-Secure, enter your MyID. For eduroam, enter your
  • Password: Enter your MyID password.

Screenshot of iPhone with manual configuration for wifi

Click Join to connect.

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