Microsoft 365 Applications (Microsoft Office)

Microsoft 365 is a version of Office available through UGAMail. It includes many Office applications, such as Excel, OneDrive, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Teams, and Word.

UGA students, faculty, and staff can download the latest versions of Microsoft 365 applications as part of the university's Microsoft Campus Agreement, and install these applications on up to five different computers with a single Microsoft 365 license (Windows or MacOS) and on their mobile devices (Android or iOS). 

Who can access Microsoft 365 applications?

Microsoft 365 applications available to eligible UGA students, faculty, and staff. 

Incoming students will be able access Microsoft Office Online applications soon as they have access to their UGAMail. They will be able to download the latest versions of the applications to their desktop or laptop until about one week before the start of their first classes. This includes returning students who may have lost access while away.

Note: Students and employees who graduate or leave UGA lose access to Microsoft 365 applications and products connected to their UGAMail address after a period of time

How do I access Microsoft 365 applications?

To access Microsoft 365 online applications, log into your UGAMail at

You can access the online applications, including Word, Powerpoint, Excel and more by clicking the nine dots menu in the upper left-hand corner. 

After you click on the nine dots menu a drop down list of the online Microsoft 365 applications will appear.

The drop down menu is a short list of popular online Microsoft 365 applications. To see more Microsoft online applications choose More apps. 

To download the latest versions of these applications to your computer, follow the instructions for How to Download Microsoft 365 Applications

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