Alternate Approver Request

For an employee to be assigned as an Alternate Approver, they must first have an Approver Role in the UGA Financial Managment System.

This is a form to request an Alternate Approver for the UGA Financial System. Please review the following before making this request. Once completed  select "Request Alternate Approver" to the right.

Approvers can request an Alternate be assigned

  • Allows for an alternative for upper administrative positions
  • Provides coverage if employee is out for extended period or unexpectedly
    • Can be set for a defined period of time (vacation)
    • Can be requested by the Approver, their manager or the Chief Business Officer of the College or Major Unit
      1. Employee may request an alternate approver for him/herself.
      2. Chief Business Officer may request an alternate approver on behalf of another employee in his/her unit.
      3. Any other requests should be included as an exception and reviewed on a case by case basis.
    • Pending transactions can also be assigned to this alternate if requested

Alternate will receive all notifications and transactions that would have originally flowed to the Approver

  • While a alternate is assigned, an Approver will not be able to approve any transactions themselves
  • Alternate still cannot approve their own transactions
    • In Travel, if an Alternate reports to the original Approver, this can cause a “hold” on the Alternate’s expenses that will require manual intervention to assign a secondary alternate
Request Alternate Approver


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