UGA_Visitors_WiFi Network

For guests and visitors, the University of Georgia offers a self-service wireless network, UGA_Visitors_WiFi. Guests can connect to this network through a self-service portal without contacting the Help Desk for a password. 

Who can access UGA_Visitors_WiFi?

UGA_Visitors_WiFi can be used by guests to the university, parents of incoming or current students, visiting fans and others without a MyID. 

How do I access UGA_Visitors_WiFi?

Visit the WiFi Settings on your device. Under available networks, Select UGA_Visitors_WiFi.

UGA visitor's wifi in wifi settings.

A new window in your device's web browser should appear. If it does not, navigate to your web browser and try to access a website; the browser should automatically redirect to our access portal.

Click the checkbox to Agree to the Terms and Conditions and click Start to proceed. 

Screenshot of agreeing to terms and conditions of connecting to UGA' visitors wifi

To access UGA_Visitors_WiFi, you need a verification code. If you do not already have one, you can receive one via email or via SMS text message.  

Screenshot of picking method for receiving code to UGA's visitors wifi

Choose an option for receiving a code, enter your phone number or email information, and click Send. You will receive a verification code via email or text. 

example of text message with verification code

Enter the verification code in the box provided. Click Continue to connect to the UGA_Visitors_WiFi network. 

Screenshot of inputting verification code into UGA Visitors Wifi


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