Registering your device to access the wired network

Before you can connect a laptop, desktop smart TV, gaming system or other device to UGA's wired network, you need to register your device on UGA's device registration portal. 

Make sure you know your device's wired MAC address. You can follow these instructions to find it

Registering your device

Visit Review the terms of use and downloading and distributing copyrighted material, then click I Accept to begin the registration process. 

DRP first screen accept button

Enter your MyID and password in the boxes provided and click Login.

DRP second screen log in

In the box for MAC address, enter your device's MAC address. 

Under Description, type a general description, such as ‚ÄúSmart TV" or "Laptop."

Under Device Type, select the type of device.

DRP third screen

Click Register.

Please wait about 30 minutes for the registration to process before trying to connect. 


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