File Storage for Units (IFS)

Institutional File Storage (IFS) is a digital file storage option for units at the University of Georgia that want an affordable storage option to access on a mounted drive on a desktop.

EITS offers three options for IFS:

  • Standard IFS
  • Secure IFS
  • Research IFS

Who can access and use IFS?

Standard, Secure and Research IFS are available on a cost recovery basis to UGA units and researchers. Current ratesspecifications and service details are available on the cost recovery pages of the EITS website.

How to access IFS

Once you have purchased institutional file storage, you will need to mount your IFS drive on your local computer. This will enable you to work with files and folders as if it were physically connected to your computer.  

Note: You must be on the UGA campus network access IFS drives. If you are off-campus, use the Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access the campus network. 


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