Mounting your IFS drive in Windows 10 & 11

Before you begin, have your IFS or Research IFS share path available. Our instructions use an example path; your path will be different depending on the name of the share and the server on which the share is hosted. Your local IT department or EITS will provide this information.

Each share will have both a server path and a Distributed File System (DFS) path.  Both link to the same location; however, the DFS path is recommended for use on Windows workstations only.  The DFS path is static and will never change for a given share. The server path is subject to change when EITS upgrades file servers.

Server path: \\\test-share
DFS path: \\\ifs\test-share

Mounting instructions

Open a new Windows Explorer window. 

Click on the Explorer Icon on the Task bar, or click on the Windows (Start) Button, type Explorer, and open File Explorer.

On the left sidebar of the window, right-click on This PC and select Map network drive...

Screenshot of IFS mounting Windows drive

In the Map Network Drive window:

  • Select a letter that you would like to use to represent the share that you'll be mounting.
  • Type in the path to the server and share using this syntax: \\\test-share  (in this example the server is “” and the share name is “test-share”).

IFS network folder

Check the Connect using different credentials box if you are using a computer that is not bound to the myid domain.

If you'd like your shares to mount on when you log in, you can also check the Reconnect at sign-in box. This will only work if you are connected to the UGA campus network.

Click Finish.

A new box will appear. In the username field, enter myid\yourMyID, where yourMYID is your UGA MyID

Enter your MyID password into the password field. Click OK.

Note: Do not check Remember my Credentials if you are on a shared or public computer.

Mounting IFS drive Windows computer entering password screenshot

Windows will now attempt to connect your share. If it is successful, you'll now see a new drive listed under This PC in the sidebar. This is your network share. You can use it as you would use any drive connected to your computer.

Mounting IFS drive Windows last screen

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