Mounting your IFS drive in MacOS

Before you begin, have your IFS or Research IFS share path available. Our instructions use an example path; your path will be different depending on the name of the share and the server on which the share is hosted. Your local IT department or EITS will provide this information.

Each share will have both a server path and a Distributed File System (DFS) path.  Both link to the same location; however, the DFS path is recommended for use on Windows workstations only.  The DFS path is static and will never change for a given share. The server path is subject to change when EITS upgrades file servers.

Server path: \\\test-share
DFS path: \\\ifs\test-share

Mounting Instructions

In the Finder top menu, click Go.

In the Go menu, click on Connect to Server… or press Command + K.

Go menu on Mac

In the Connect to Server window, type in the path to the server and share using the following syntax.

Example: If the server is and the share name is test-share, you would type smb://

If you wish to add this shared drive to your Favorite Servers list, click + sign next to the box.

Click on your server in the list and click Connect.

Adding IFS server to Mac step 2

An authentication window will display. 

In the name field, type in MYID\ followed by your UGA MyID.

In the password field, type in your MyID password.

Click OK.

You should see your mounted drive with the contents of your share.


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