My Recently Visited Services

Use for general questions related to UGAF financial accounting.

Request an Event Registration Page from our BBIS team

Request a new fund number, draft agreement, and/or online giving link.

Request general support from the Gift Accounting team. These requests may include gift adjustments and inquiries on pledges and grant agreements.

Request general support from Advancement IT

BEFORE YOU BEGIN, please set up your event in the GAIL events module as some of those details will be required to complete this ticket.

Update or submit a new request for marketing efforts, event communications, prospecting, and data research/reporting from our Query and Reporting team

Request FAME Support (Login issues, delete attachment(s) from a check request, delete a check request, etc.)

Request updated budget for ScholarshipUniverse (OSFA).

Use to request transfer of cash or expenditures between Foundation funds.

Use for general questions related to fund agreements.

Request general tech support (pc, printers, listservs, phones, etc.)

Use for general questions related to expenditure control.

This service should be used by Gift & Estate Planning to request that a planned gift be added as revenue by Gift Accounting.

Request a Donation Page from our BBIS team