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Submit a request or question here to our Tech Support team. Feel free to attach or copy/paste screen shots directly into the ticket description. If applicable, include any troubleshooting steps you have taken before requesting this service.

Before You Request

  • Try the following steps if you are experiencing a problem with your laptop, desktop, dock, monitors, and/or peripheral devices (e.g. mouse, keyboard, scanner, webcam etc.)
    • Acknowledge a pending Ivanti Reboot notification
    • Restart your device (If no Ivanti reboot notification is present.)
    • Power cycle the affected device
    • Examples:
      • Power off/shut down device completely for 30 seconds (laptop/desktop)
      • Unplug power cable for 30 seconds (dock/monitor/scanner)
    • Check all cable connection points
      • Reseat dock connection
      • Reseat USB, Power, Video Cables at ALL points of connection
    • Check for depleted batteries for any wireless devices
  • Unable to dual authenticate with DUO Mobile:
    • Did you get a new cell phone?
      • If yes, you will need to reactivate the DUO Mobile app.
        • Contact the EITS Help Desk 706-542-3106 for additional assistance.
  • My laptop camera does not work:
    • Some models have a physical privacy shutter.
      • Check to see if the shutter is closed. 
  • Check if your request would be more appropriate for a different service offered by Advancement IT.
    • (Ex. GAIL questions should go through the Advancement IT General Support Request offering)
  • Consider if this request is more appropriate for the UGA Foundation (Gift Accounting, Fund Agreements, Financial Accounting, or Expenditure Control).
    • Click here for the UGA Foundation service catalog.
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