I received a notice stating “This item is protected by a policy in your organization.” What should I do?

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Strict Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies are put in place in UGAMail and OneDrive for Business to prevent the sharing and storing of sensitive or restricted data, including Social Security Numbers, HIPAA ePHI data, credit card data, bank account information, and sensitive student records. 

If you try to send or store sensitive or restricted data in UGAMail or OneDrive for Business, you will receive this notice.

If you are not sending or storing sensitive or restricted data, you may have received a notice in your web client in error. 

To remove the policy tip, select Override. Only do this if you have a business justification, or if you believe you have received the notice in error. You can also view the details about the information that appears to be sensitive by selecting View.

You can also contact the EITS Help Desk at 706-542-3106 to override the DLP policy. 


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