Entering/Updating Direct Deposit Information in OneUSG Connect


This article walks through the process of setting up direct deposit.You have 30 days from hire to enter your direct deposit information. In the meantime, paper checks will be sent to the Home Address you have listed in OneUSG Connect, not to any added Mailing Addresses.

You can enter up to 10 direct deposit accounts to receive money from your paycheck. These may be checking and/or savings accounts.For each account that you enter, you will need to know the routing number for the bank and the specific account number.

There are three deposit types:

  • Amount: Allows you to specify a specific amount to always be placed in the specified account.
  • Percentage: Allows you to put a specific percent of your paycheck into an account.
  • Remaining Balance: The amount that is left over after all other amount and percentages are taken out.

If you only have one account, please choose the deposit type "Remaining Balance."

The Remaining Balance account is the account that will be sent to PeopleSoft Financials for Travel & Expense reimbursements. If an employee's Remaining Balance has the account type of Issue Check, no banking information is sent to financials for these reimbursements.



In this article, you will complete the steps to review and update your direct deposit information in OneUSG Connect.

1. Step 1

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First, log into OneUSG Connect: https://hcm-sso.onehcm.usg.edu/.

From the Employee Self Service homepage in One USG Connect, click the Payroll tile.

2. Step 2

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The Payroll page is displayed.

Note: This tile displays the number of deposit account you have.

Click the Direct Deposit tile.

3. Step 3

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The Direct Deposit page is displayed with your existing Direct Deposit information.

Note: During direct deposit processing, distributions are made to accounts in order of priority. Funds are deposited into the account with the lowest Order value (1) first. The Remaining Balance account should always have the Last priority because all remaining funds will be deposited into this account.

There is a limit of 10 direct deposit accounts for OneUSG Connect.

To add a new direct deposit account, click the Plus (+) button.

4. Step 4

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The Add Account menu is displayed.

Enter the appropriate information in the Nickname field. 

Examples shown here: "Checking 2" in the Nickname field.

5. Step 5

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Enter the appropriate information into the Routing Number field.

Example shown here: "061000104" into the Routing Number field.

6. Step 6

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Enter the appropriate information into the Account Number field.

Example shown here: "1000234567890" into the Account Number field.

7. Step 7

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Re-enter the account number into the Retype Account Number field.  

Example shown here: "1000234567890" into the Retype Account Number field.

8. Step 8

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To choose the appropriate account type, click the Account Type dropdown box.

9. Step 9

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Select the appropriate account type option.

Example shown here: Checking option.

10. Step 10

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Click the Deposit Type drop-down menu.

11. Step 11

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Select the appropriate Deposit Type option.

Example shown here: Amount option

12. Step 12

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Enter the appropriate Amount or Percentage information.

Example shown here:  500.00 in Amount

13. Step 13

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Click the Save button.

14. Step 14

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The new account is added to your Accounts list and assigned an order number.

Note: When three or more accounts exist, the priority of the account numbers can be reordered by selecting the Reorder button on the page.

15. Step 15

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All employees must have one (1) Remaining Balance account type. The Remaining Balance account is used by PeopleSoft Financials for Travel & Expense reimbursements.

Note: If the Remaining Balance account has a Payment Method of “Check”, no banking information will be sent to PeopleSoft Financials for Travel & Expense reimbursements.

Click the Remaining Balance account line.   

16. Step 16

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The Edit Account menu is displayed. On this page, you will edit an account by entering the appropriate information into the available fields.

Note: The Remaining Balance account cannot be deleted; only edited or updated to the "Check” Payment Method.

To remove the account, click the Remove button.

17. Step 17

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If you remove any account a pop-up message displays asking you to confirm that you want to remove the account.

To confirm your choice, click the Yes button.

18. Step 18

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If you attempt to remove the Remaining Balance account, you will receive an error message that the account cannot be deleted. 

Note: Once you click the OK button, you must refresh your browser window to edit the Remaining Balance account. Otherwise, the error message will reappear. 

Click the OK button.

19. Step 19

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Click the Remaining Balance account line.

20. Step 20

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To update the account information, click the Edit button. 

21. Step 21

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Enter the new Routing and Account numbers and Account Type in the appropriate fields.

Note: Deposit Type must remain as Remaining Balance.

22. Step 22

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Click the Save button.

23. Step 23

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To remove an account, click the appropriate account line.

Example shown here: click the 2 Savings account.

24. Step 24

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The Edit Account menu is displayed.

To remove the selected account, click the Remove button.

25. Step 25

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A confirmation pop-up is displayed.

Click the Yes button.

26. Step 26

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The selected account is removed.  

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