ABO Employment Services

We created this user-friendly portal and ticketing system to support the CAES Staff and Faculty on all UGAJobs and Salary Requests.

Please use this ticketing system to inquire about the following actions:

  • Position Management
    • Create New
    • Modify
    • Evaluate
      • Reclassifications
  • Applicant Tracking
    • Posting
    • Hiring Proposal
  • Salary Actions
    • Request for Salary Action
    • Salary Supplement Request
  • UGAJobs User Requests

* Please choose the option that best describes your request and provide additional information in the Description section.

After you submit the request, you will receive a message from the CAES Employment Services Team acknowledging receipt of your ticket. Within 48hrs the ticket will be assigned to the responsible party, and you will receive an email with a resolution, update, and/or inquiry for additional information.

All communications about your request will be tracked through this system and closed once your request is complete. 

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