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MyID Account Request

Passwords and other confidential information should NEVER be sent in an email to anyone for any reason.

There have been recent phishing scams claiming to be from the UGA Mail department asking for MyIDs and passwords. Providing passwords or other sensitive information over email increases the risk of identity theft.


Steps to complete Registration

Once the request for a MyD has been successfully completed, the owner of the new MyID will be informed of this by an email from The email will be sent to the alternate email address for the user provided by their manager or HR representative during the MyID request process.

Emails from should not be treated as spam or junk mail.

Once the new MyID owner receives the confirmation email, they should click on the link to login to UGA Identity Manager using their new MyID and password.

Once the request for a MyID has been submitted, users will need to set up secret questions to complete their MyID creation. These are used to recover an account if a user forgets their password and also protects sensitive information tied to MyIDs.