Expense Report Adjustment Request

This form is to be used to request chartfield/ accounting corrections to Paid Expense Reports in the UGA Financial  Management System.

  • When an Adjustment is preformed, this process will create a NEW report ID in the Employee's name. The accounting information on each line of the new Report ID will reflect the credits to the original chartstring and the debits of the new chartstring. If a partial amount of an expense report is requested to be adjusted, the new Report ID produced will still include the full amount of the expense. The lines/amounts not requested to be adjusted will reflect a credit and debit of the original chartstring of the original report ID.
  • Expense Report Adjustments can only be preformed once per Expense Report. If additional adjustments are required in the future, you then will only be able to make an adjustment to the new adjustment ID.
  • The report short description of the adjustment will contain the orginal report ID to which the report is adjusting. (Example: Report 01XXXXXXXX Correction)
  • The notes section of the adjustment will note the Request ID and the name of the employee that requested the change.

To make this request:

  1. Download the Expense Report Adjustment Template to the right
  2. Follow the Template Instructions found to the right
  3. Click  the Request Service Button to the right to submit the completed template.

Expense Adjustments can only be submitted for the current Fiscal Year. If the expense you are adjusting is from a previous Fiscal Year, it must be done via a GL Journal. 

Request Adjustment


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