Budget Override Request

There are various circumstances where a transaction in the UGA Financial Management System would require a budget override by Commitment Control in order for the transaction to post. These scenarios are outlined below. The following actions should be taken before submitting this form:

  1. Fill out the transaction that will require an override.
  2. While filling out the transaction, use the system budget check process as outlined in the transaction’s training material at training.onesource.uga.edu.
  3. After the transaction has received the budget exception, save and take note of the transaction type and ID.
  4. Complete the override request form by selecting the scenario that applies to the budget exception you are receiving.

***Note: If the budget exception does not meet one of the scenarios outlined below, then it will need to be addressed by other means.  (i.e. ensure accurate funding and/or chartstrings are accurate based on the funding source).


Request Scenario Details

1. Chartstring in error is the one reversing the prior debit or credit:
Some transactions must be forced through, despite budget exceptions, in order to support some critical services.  Examples are Split Implementation Payroll and PCard charges.   If you are correcting one such transaction, you likely will get a budget exception that must be overridden.

2. Transactions(s) are crediting an expense for a prior year charge:
A copy of the original transaction, including the amounts and chartstrings charged, must be attached.

3. The budget AND actuals are being transferred to another chartstring:
(1) you cannot move the budget because the system budget checks will not allow the chartstring to have a negative balance and (2) you cannot move the actuals because the debit chartstring does not yet have the budget. In this instance, the budget transfer will need to be overridden. Once the transfer is posted, the corresponding actuals will need to be moved the same day the override is completed to not leave the original chartstring in a negative balance. Please list the Budget Transfer ID below or both the Budget Journal IDs.

4. Special situation already discussed with Accounting or Commitment Management:
The email correspondence will need to be attached in pdf format, OR if it was discussed on a Team Dynamix support Ticket, please list the ticket ID.

5. Budget error will be resolved when a pending OneUSG Connect Change Funding or Express Direct Retro is processed:
If a Change Funding request or Express Direct Retro has been submitted to move payroll expenses that will adequately free up the budget balance for a transaction to post, an override can be performed. Please list the Express Direct Retro transaction ID. NOTE: If this is an emergency, please include an explanation in the “Description” field.


Request Override


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