Submitting Employee Awards


Supplemental Pay refers to Supplements or Extra Compensation payments. In this article, you will learn the steps to submit a Supplemental Employee Award in OneUSG Connect.


Employee awards must be approved by USG before the below award process can begin. If you have an award that has not yet been approved by USG, please submit the Employee Award Form via MSS. University HR will review and forward to USG. Once you have UHR's signature, this form should be attached to the MSS transaction in the process below. This form only requires UHR’s signature the first time the initial award is submitted for approval. Here are the high level steps of the process, with detailed instructions on the MSS submission below. 

  1. Determine award recipient based on the USG-approved award program.
  2. If a unit is awarding net value, skip to step 4. If the unit plans to "gross up" and cover taxes, go to step 3.
  3. If grossing up, contact to calculate the gross up amount.
  4. Enter award in OneUSG Connect MSS (instructions below) using departmental UGAF combo code. Attach the fully signed Employee Award Form
  5. Track the award to ensure approval/loads via the Additional Pay Query Group. (These will appear on queries once Payroll has entered the information.) 


1. Step 1

step image

First, log into OneUSG Connect.                         

From any OneUSG Connect homepage, click the NavBar button.

2. Step 2

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Click the Menu button.

3. Step 3

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Click the Manager Self Service menu option.

4. Step 4

step image

Click the Compensation and Stock link.

5. Step 5

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Click the Request Supplemental Pay link.

6. Step 6

step image

The Employee Search page is displayed.

Select the employee for whom you would like to request supplemental pay. You can use the Search Options at the top of the screen to narrow down the list of employees if needed.

Example shown here: A. Employee.

7. Step 7

step image

The Request Supplemental Pay page is displayed, with the employee name, Job Title, and Employee ID in the top left corner of the page. The first step is to enter Job Detail information.

Enter the appropriate Effective Date for the request. The Effective Date is the beginning date for the supplement. You can type in the date using the format MM/DD/YYYY, or you can click the calendar icon to select the date.

Example shown here: Calendar icon.

8. Step 8

step image

Enter or select an aprropriate End Date for the supplement.

Example shown here: April 3 link.

9. Step 9

step image

Enter or select the End Date for the supplement.

Example shown here: Calendar icon.

10. Step 10

step image

Choose an approriate date. 

Example shown here: June 30 link.

11. Step 11

step image

Click the Supplemental Pay Type dropdown list.

12. Step 12

step image

You can choose either Defined Term Payments or One-Time Payment.

Click, One-Time Payment. 

13. Step 13

step image

Click the Supplemental Pay Code dropdown list.


14. Step 14

step image

The One-Time Payment supplements are listed. Click to select the appropriate Supplemental Pay Code.

Example shown here: Employee Award.

15. Step 15

step image

Enter appropriate information into the Amount field.  

Example shown here:" 500.00 ".

16. Step 16

step image

Enter the appropriate information into the Combo Code field, or click the lookup magnifying glass to search for the information you need.

Click the lookup magnifying glass.

17. Step 17

step image

You can search for the combo code you need using the search criteria at the top of the page, or you can locate it in the list below.

Once you have entered your search criteria, click the Search button.

18. Step 18

step image

Once you locate the correct combo code, click the link to populate it into your request.

Example shown here: 180100010001001 link.

19. Step 19

step image

Click the Next button.

20. Step 20

step image

Step 2 of the process is to Review & Submit your request. You can see that the fields you updated in the last step are now marked with a gold bubble to indicate that they are changed fields.

Enter a brief description of the Employee Award into the Comments field.  

Example shown here: "Employee Award XYZ."

21. Step 21

step image

Next, you need to attach the Employee Award Form plus any applicable addition documentation (e.g., award letter).

Click the Add Attachment button.

22. Step 22

step image

Click the My Device button to locate the appropriate file on your computer.

23. Step 23

step image

Click to select the file you need.

Example shown here: 22MV00249.pdf file.

24. Step 24

step image

Click the Open button.

25. Step 25

step image

With the file added, click the Upload button.

26. Step 26

step image

A progress bar indicates that the upload is complete.

Click the Done button.

27. Step 27

step image

After reviewing your request for accuracy, click the Submit button.

28. Step 28

step image

A message at the top of the screen indicates your transaction has been successfully submitted.

It will route through the workflow displayed.

Additional Information:

The types of supplemental pay include the following:

Defined Term Payments One-Time Payments

Academic Admin Assignment

Academic Consortiums

Add't to Job Responsibilities

Addendum to Contract

Car Allowance

Course Delivery Incentive

Housing Allowance


Part of Job Description


Critical Hire Incentive

Employee Award

Employee Suggestion Program

Faculty Temp Assignment

Goal Based Incentive

Research Subject Fee

Staff Temp Assignment

Student Temp Assignment

Taxable Fringe

Taxable Moving Expenses (relocation)

You can also submit this type of request if you need to remove a supplement. Include the end Date and details in the comments section.

Tutorial Resources

Supplemental Pay Requests

Relocation Expenses Quick Reference Guide

Associated SOPs

SOP_SYS_002 WebDFS Replacement

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