Entering Your Time Manually


Employees can easily enter their time worked using Employee Self Service. You can manually enter your arrival, lunch, and departure times for each day on the timesheet.

In this article, you will learn the steps to manually enter your time in OneUSG Connect.

1. Step 1

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First, log into OneUSG Connect.

From the Employee Self Service in OneUSG Connect, click the Time and Absence tile.

2. Step 2

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The Time page is displayed.

Time should be entered using the Weekly Timesheet Tile, unless you are reporting hours from your phone. You will use the Report Time tile from your phone. See the Entering Time Manually via Your Phone tutorial for more information.

3. Step 3

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To enter time, click the Weekly Timesheet tile.

4. Step 4

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The Enter Time page is displayed.

Enter your arrival time in the In field.

Note: You can enter time with a colon and AM/PM or use military time.

Example Shown: 12:30 PM on May 13

5. Step 5

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Enter the time out for meals in the Lunch field.

Example shown: 1:00 PM

6. Step 6

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Enter the return time from lunch in the In field.

Example shown here: 1:30 PM

7. Step 7

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At the end of shift, enter the time in the Out field.

Example shown: 430 PM

8. Step 8

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Scheduled time is based on Standard Hours unless your manager designated a different schedule. This is for absence management only and may not match schedules for temporary or non-benefitted employees.

9. Step 9

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Time can also be entered as a quantity.

To begin, click the Time Reporting Code drop-down menu.

10. Step 10

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The Time Reporting Code drop-down menu is displayed.

Select the appropriate option.

Example shown here: the Regular option.

11. Step 11

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The selected Time Reporting Code is displayed.

Enter the appropriate hours worked into the Quantity field.

NOTE: The In, Lunch, In and Out fields should not be used on the same timesheet with the Quantity field. 

Example shown here: "4.00" in the Quantity field.

12. Step 12

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The quantity of hours is displayed.

Continue to enter appropriate information into the time entry fields on additional dates as needed.

13. Step 13

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Once all time information is entered, click the Submit button.

14. Step 14

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The time is submitted to approval workflow, and a confirmation message is displayed. 

Note: The hours reported each day and workflow progress is displayed in the Day Summary column.

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