Reporting Time Using the PeopleSoft Web Clock


Employees can use the PeopleSoft Web Clock to punch in and out for the day and meals.

In this article, you will learn the steps to use the PeopleSoft web clock in OneUSG Connect for time entry.

1. Step 1

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First, log into OneUSG Connect.

From the Employee Self Service homepage in OneUSG Connect, click the Time and Absence tile.

2. Step 2

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The Time page is displayed. The Report Time tile is displayed for PeopleSoft web clock users with the current date and time, Last Action including date/time, suggested punch, and ellipse [...] button.

3. Step 3

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The suggested punch button is based on your last action.

Click in the In button.

4. Step 4

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The Last action: information and suggested punch button are updated.

To view punch options, click the  [...] ellipse button.

5. Step 5

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The list of punch options is displayed.

Click the appropriate option. 

Note: If you do not take a meal break during your shift, you can select the "Out" option.

Example shown here: the Meal link.

6. Step 6

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Click the In button to return from your meal.

7. Step 7

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Your punch related information is updated.

Punches can also be entered from the full PeopleSoft webclock site.

Click the Ellipse [...] button.

8. Step 8

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Click the View Full Site link.

9. Step 9

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The Report Time page is displayed with all punches from today.

Click the Punch Type drop-down menu.

10. Step 10

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Select the appropriate punch option from the displayed Punch Type list.

Example shown here: the Out link.

11. Step 11

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Note: The Time Reporting Code option can be left blank, which will default to "Regular."

Click the Submit button.

12. Step 12

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Your punch is displayed along with a submitted successfully message.


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