Submitting an Extended Absence Request


Employees can request an extended leave event in OneUSG Connect. For OneUSG Connect Institutions, the OneUSG Connect system is the system of record for leave usage. Leave usage must be recorded in the OneUSG Connect system as an absence for a specific type of leave. An Absence request may be a regular request or an extended request.

In this article, you will learn the steps to request an extended leave in OneUSG Connect.

Note: There are nine (9) types of extended leaves. Please refer to the USG Leave Policies for requirements and details.

1. Step 1

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First, log into OneUSG Connect.                         

From the Employee Self Service homepage in OneUSG Connect, click the Time and Absence tile.

2. Step 2

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The Time page is displayed.

Click the Extended Absence Request link.

3. Step 3

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The Extended Absence Request Page is displayed. On this page, you can create and manage extended leave requests.

To create a request, click the  [+] Plus  button.

4. Step 4

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The Extended Absence Request page is displayed.

Click the  Absence Type drop-down list.

5. Step 5

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Select the appropriate Absence Type from the displayed menu.  

Example shown here: Medical/Non FMLA option.

6. Step 6

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Click the * Absence Take drop-down list.

7. Step 7

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Select the appropriate Absence Type.

Example shown here: Medical/Non FMLA Sick Leave option.

8. Step 8

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Click the Launch button.

9. Step 9

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The Extended Absence Request page is displayed.

Enter the appropriate information in the *Start Date, *Expected Return Date, Actual Return Date (optional) fields or select the Calendar icon.

10. Step 10

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You can enter optional details about the absence request in the Comments box.


Note: These comments are subject to open records and can be used in court. Use discretion with what you enter.  

Example shown here: " Medical leave for surgery " in the comments field.

11. Step 11

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Note:  The Save function can be used at any time.

Click the Save button.

12. Step 12

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Click the Next button.

13. Step 13

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The Attachments and Notes step is displayed.

Note: Attachments are not required. This step can be skipped if not applicable.

To add an optional supporting documentation to your extended leave request, click the Add Attachment button.

14. Step 14

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The File Attachment pop-up is displayed.

To locate the appropriate file, click the My Device link.

15. Step 15

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The File Upload menu is displayed from your device.

Choose the appropriate file you want to attach to your request.

Example shown here: Justification for Absence file.

16. Step 16

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Click the Open button.

17. Step 17

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Click the Upload button.

18. Step 18

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Once the upload is completed, click the Done button.

19. Step 19

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The attachment is added to the request.

Click the Save button.


20. Step 20

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The Review and Submit step is displayed.

When you are sure the information is complete, click the Submit button.

21. Step 21

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A confirmation pop-up window is

Click the Yes button.

22. Step 22

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The Extended Absence Submission page is displayed with the Workflow Status of your extended leave request.

Note: For your leave balances to be deducted, additional processing will be needed by the leave administrator.

To view additional Workflow details, click the Multiple Approvers link.

23. Step 23

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The Approver Information pop-up is displayed.

Note: If additional information/documentation is needed, the leave approvers will contact you directly.

Click the Close button.

24. Step 24

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To view the history for this extended leave request, click the Request History link.

25. Step 25

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The Request History page is displayed with your submitted extended leave request details.

Click the Close button.

26. Step 26

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The Request History page is displayed with your submitted extended leave request details.

Additional Information:

Regular absence requests are made for vacation / annual leave, comp time usage, sick leave for less than 6 consecutive days, sick-bereavement leave, blood donation leave, education support, intermittent FMLA, floating holidays, jury duty leave, and voting leave.

These are the nine (9) types of extended absences (Absence Types). 

1) Bone Marrow Donation

2) Education/Professional/Development Leave


4) Medical non-FMLA

5) Military

6) Organ Donation

7) Personal

8) Workers Compensation

9) Paid Parental Leave


The Department HR Practitioner should notify Central HR via email when the employee is returning to work. In some cases, the employee will need to submit documentation that attests they are cleared to return to work. If return to work documentation is needed, Central HR will request that the department send the return to work documentation via SendFiles.

Please refer to USG Leave Policies for details.

Associated SOPs

SOP_ABM_003 Extended Absences

SOP_ABM_004 Returning from Extended Absence



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