Accessing the Budget Status Cube


The Budget Status Cube can be used to determine available balances to spend when a project ID is not used. It provides-budet-to-actual information at the summary and detail levels. It downloads as an Excel Cube with Pivot Table functionality.

To view information relating to projects, you can access the Project Status Cube in the Data Warehouse instead.

To access the Budget Status Cube, you must be signed into the VPN using 02 Restricted access. The OIR homepage can be accessed at and you can reach the report using the Operational Reports link. You can also access the report at

In this article, you will learn how to access the Budget Status Cube from the UGA Office of Institutional Research homepage.

1. Step 1

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From the Office of Institutional Research homepage (, click the Operational Reports link.

2. Step 2

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The UGA Single Sign-On page is displayed. Enter the necessary information in the Username and Password fields.

Click the Login button.

3. Step 3

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The Operational Reports page is displayed.

Click the Budget Status link.

4. Step 4

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The Budget Status operational reports menu is displayed.

Click the Budget Status Cube link.

5. Step 5

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Follow the system prompts to open the Budget_Status_Cube.xlsx file in Excel.

6. Step 6

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The Budget Status Cube is opened in Excel.

To begin working with the cube, click the Enable Content button.

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