Bulldog Bucks Account Closure Request

Check your account balance prior to closing account to ensure accurate account information.

Except in the case of separation from the University, if a student Cardholder closes the Account before the end of a semester, an account management fee of the lesser of the Account balance or $25 will be charged and the Cardholder will not be permitted to open a new Account until the following semester.

Upon Account closure, any balance in the Account less applicable fees and debts will be returned to the Cardholder OR may be donated to Let All The Big Dawgs Eat Food Scholarship Fund in efforts to fight student hunger on our campus by choosing the option to donate below. To learn more about the Food Scholarship visit Tate Student Center.

Refund checks will be mailed to the address entered on this form.

Processing Account closures may take up to four (4) weeks.

A short description to explain the nature of a ticket.

The Let All the Big Dawgs Eat Food Scholarship is a need-based scholarship that awards meal plans to a number of UGA students each fall and spring semester. Created by the Office of Student Affairs, this scholarship aims to combat food insecurity and eliminate hunger among the student body at the University of Georgia.

Choose Yes in the field below if you would like to donate your remaining balance to the "Let All the Big Dawgs Eat Food Scholarship Fund".

If not donating to the scholarship, any remaining balance less applicable fees and debts to be refunded to you ($5.00 or greater) will be sent to the address provided below in 2-4 weeks.

The University will verify the information you have provided and will process a refund check and mail it to the address shown within 2-4 weeks or if requesting to donate to the Food Scholarship, the University will provide a donation receipt on all donations.

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