Request for UGA Reasonable Accommodations

The University of Georgia (UGA) provides reasonable accommodations for employees with ADA defined disabilities, including those who may be covered by public health emergency guidance when necessary. A reasonable accommodation is an accommodation that enables the employee to perform the essential functions of their position, is medically necessary, and does not create an undue hardship to the institution. Employees who are requesting reasonable accommodation must complete and submit this request form along with supporting documentation to the Faculty and Staff Relations Office in University Human Resources.

  • A confidential interactive discussion with Human Resources is encouraged for employees who are seeking reasonable accommodations.
  • The campus accommodation process is meant to address accommodations directly related to the employee (one’s self) and their job functions.  If you are seeking an accommodation related to the care of others, please refer to employee leave options (including Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).
  • If more information is needed, the University may require that you authorize your health care provider to confirm your disability and/or the need for the requested accommodation.
  •  It is your responsibility to ensure that your health care provider statement or other supporting documentation is returned to the Faculty & Staff Relations Office. Faculty, staff, and graduate teaching assistants must submit the necessary and appropriate medical documentation supporting the request to commence the review process.
  • You are not required to disclose to your immediate supervisor the medical basis for a requested accommodation.  Medical records are confidential and maintained in University Human Resources only.

To request assistance with the process or form, please contact University Human Resources (706) 542-2222 or at





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