Request to Start/End a Short Work Break

This form should be used when requesting to manually start or end an individual Short Work Break for an employee in Company 180. Multiple Short Work Breaks may not be requested consecutively.

A Short Work Break is a non-paid Payroll Status used when an employee is expected to return to work into the same position. A Short Work Break will be primarily used for Academic Year Faculty (10 month employees). Employees on SWB are active employees and are subject to UGA policies and procedures. SWB may negatively impact the status of a graduate student’s assistantship.  It is up to the department and the individual to review any effect prior to submitting a request for a Graduate Assistant. All requests are reviewed and are required for approval before a Short Work Break is granted. All requests must be submitted and approved prior to the last day worked.

If you need to submit a SWB/RWB request for 5 or more employees, a single SWB/RWB request can be submitted with a spreadsheet attached. Please be sure to include all form field information within the spreadsheet.



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Thu 6/20/19 8:22 AM
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