Express Retro Payroll Request

Payroll expenditure redistributions, which are used to transfer payroll charges from one combo code to another, are initiated by processing an Express Direct Retro through Manager Self Service in OneUSG Connect.  There are several circumstances where System Managers are not able to submit an Express Direct Retro, in OneUSG Connect, to redistribute payroll expenditures that have already posted to the general ledger.  In the scenarios outlined below, a request will need to be submitted for Commitment Accounting to process the Express Direct Retro.  If the Express Direct Retro (EDR) transaction does not meet one of the scenarios outlined below, then the System Manager can submit the EDR request via Manager Self Service in OneUSG Connect.  The scenarios are:


Request Scenario Details

1.    Prior Fiscal Year Payroll Expenditures:
Payroll expenditures from a prior fiscal year that need to be transferred on to/off of a restricted grant or project.  The completed cost transfer justification form should be attached to the request.

NOTE:  Payroll expenditures prior to go-live on OneUSG Connect (December 2018 and earlier pay periods) must be redistributed with a general ledger journal entry in the UGA Financial Management System. 

2.    Suspense Charges Prior to December 10, 2019:
Payroll expenditures that posted to a suspense combo code prior to December 10, 2019.

3.    Project or Grant Has Ended:

Payroll expenditures that need to be transferred on to/off of a restricted grant or project that has ended.  

Express Direct Retro requests submitted more than 90 days after the charge’s original posting date should include the completed cost transfer justification form.

Note:  OneUSG Connect uses the current date as the accounting date for Express Direct Retro transactions.  Therefore, if the grant is inactive as of the current date, System Mangers will not be able to submit an Express Direct Retro transaction even if the pay period to be redistributed was a pay period in which the grant was active.

4.    Credit Amounts:

Payroll expenditure credits that need to be transferred to a different combination code.

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