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  • If you receive a warning when the MATLAB license file on your computer has expired and needs to be updated follow these instructions below:

To update the license file:

- Open MATLAB.

- Select the drop-down menu under the "Help" button on the toolbar.

- Select "Licensing".

- Select "Update Current License".

- Select the license that you want to update.

- Click on the "Update" button.

- Confirm that you want to update the license by selecting "Yes" on the next screen.

The license file will be updated automatically using the Internet.

After updating the license, you may need to restart MATLAB in order to implement the change.

If you still receive this warning after performing the steps above, there may be multiple license files on your computer.

To resolve the issue, remove any additional license files that are about to expire.

For help finding your license files, please see the following article:

  •  Where are the license files for MATLAB located?


To request a MATLAB license, use the New or Renewal MATLAB License Request form.




















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