vLab software request

Use this form to request software be added or updated in the UGA vLab image.  Requests are reviewed before each semester (Fall, Spring, Summer). 

The deadline to make requests is 30 days prior to the last day of classes.  Any requests made after this time will be reviewed for the following semester.  To ensure efficient review of your request, please be sure to fill in all fields.  Incomplete forms will be denied.  This form must be submitted by a full-time UGA employee.

All requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis, but some applications have already been determined to be incompatible with our vLab service.  These include:

  • Video editing applications.
  • Graphically intensive applications.
  • Software and applications not meant for instructional use.

Applications are approved on a per semester basis.  EITS reserves the right to remove applications from the UGA vLab image at its discretion.  EITS will not provide support for individual software and applications on the vLab image.  A technical contact must be established as part of this process.

vLab, or Virtual Lab, is the University of Georgia‚Äôs virtual desktop environment (VDI), which allows students and faculty to access instructional computer lab resources and applications from compatible personal devices anywhere, at any time.  To learn more about vLab, please visit the EITS Website.

vLab Software Request


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